Pastoral care at the church is provided by our Locum, Father Lindsay Howie and our Associate Clergy, Reverends Karen Jansson and Quinn Humphreys. St John’s congregation worships twice on Sundays and also provides a range of programs for youth.

Everybody needs a place – we hope you find yours here

St John’s, dedicated over 130 years ago in 1889, is a church founded by the marginal of society – the sheer determination and persistence of a married Anglican woman and the generosity of the working poor. To be an Anglican is to be Christian according to a unique tradition – the tradition of English-speaking people. It is to belong to a Church, which has existed from the very beginning of Christianity. We have no doctrine of our own. We only possess the doctrine of the Universal Christian Church as it is enshrined in the Scriptures and the Creeds. We claim that the foundation and authority of our belief is three-fold; that is, founded on SCRIPTURE, TRADITION and REASON. Take away one of these and the three-legged stool topples!

What are we for?
  • Welcoming all – our own, the seeker, the marginalised, the stranger.
  • Promoting Christ in our community, our families and our lives through worship, love, fellowship and community service.
  • Caring for each other with compassion, tolerance and understanding of difference.
  • Valuing the God given gifts of members with joy and encouragement.
What are we against?
  • Lack of Respect of self, others and the environment;
  • Discrimination; Prejudice; Indifference;
  • Bullying/Hate/Violence;
  • Isolation /Neglect;
  • Lies /False Witness;
  • Self Importance/ Selfishness;
  • Elitism;
  • Being Judgmental.
What do we value?
  • God’s love and the way it is shared;
  • Religious freedom;
  • Truth and justice;
  • Teaching and Learning;
  • Compassion;
  • Family in all its forms;
  • Balance between tradition / relevance /stability;
  • Volunteers who give their time to love and support God and all that we believe in.

We acknowledge the input of St John’s Parishioners following the 2013 AGM and St Bartholomew’s, New York USA for its leadership in this area.


You are most welcome to join us on any Sunday.

Almost every Sunday during the year begins at 7.30am with a Eucharist (2nd Order) followed by a 9.00am Eucharist where Children’s Church takes place. Please feel free to introduce yourself to someone and if you are not familiar with the service be comfortable in asking someone close to you for help.

At the end of the service you are very welcome to join in refreshments in front of the church.

Parish Roll

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