Meet our Team

Father Lindsay Howie

Locum Tenens

The Parish is in a period of interregnum whilst we seek a new Parish Priest. Our locum priest is the Reverend Lindsay Howie who will oversee the Parish and the conduct of services until a new priest can be chosen and commissioned.

Reverend Karen Jansson

Associate Priest

Karen hails from the Diocese of Newcastle where she was ordained as a Priest in Local Mission. Karen ministered to the communities of Stockton and Clarence Town. Karen and her husband Paul retired to Queensland in 2019, but retain strong connections in Newcastle. Karen says “It continues to be a great blessing to participate in God’s work.”

Reverend Quinn Humphreys

Associate Deacon

Hi, I’m Reverend Quinn Humphreys. Prior to starting here at Bulimba, I was the Assistant Curate (Deacon) at Holy Trinity Fortitude Valley in 2022, and the Honorary Assistant Curate at St Augustine’s Anglican Church Hamilton in 2021. For most of my working life I was a joiner/timber machinist specialising in CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) machining and programming for a joinery manufacturer in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

I grew up in the Anglican Church amongst the good people at Zillmere parish. I spent about 10 years away from the Church from my late teens. I eventually returned to my childhood parish, where I was invited to the Emmaus young adults’ group. I subsequently went to the Emmaus weekend camp the following year and had a conversion-like experience. I felt like I was on fire with the Holy Spirit. From there, my faith journey rapidly progressed to Theological study at St Francis College a few years later, and formation for the priesthood a few years after that.

I was born in a small country town in Northern NSW, but moved to Brisbane when I was 7, and I have been here ever since. I flirted with supporting Queensland in the State of Origin when I was a kid, but returned to my roots when I got older and now go for the NSW Blues, mainly because it annoys Queenslanders so much!

In early 2019 I met the love of my life, Melanie. We were married in December 2020 in a perfect window between two Covid lockdowns. Melanie is a Primary Teacher in the Logan area. Melanie and her twin sister are avid sports fans and they love to travel. I enjoy supporting the St George Illawarra Dragons in the NRL and the NSW Blues the Origin.

I also enjoy getting out in nature when I have the chance, taking in the scenery on bushwalks, where I keenly feel the presence of God amongst the trees and animals. As the saying goes: You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

Sarah Davies

Church Warden, volunteer Parish Secretary, Liturgical Assistant, Social Committee Member

Although Sarah lives outside the Parish she considers St John’s to be her spiritual home, sharing so much with this faithful, welcoming and thoughtful parish family.

Sarah works in the office on Wednesday and Friday mornings and can be contacted on 07 3399 1508.


Allan Thomson
Priest’s Warden, Treasurer, Liturgical Assistant and Synod Representative

Tony Rigby
Church Warden; Reader and Intercessor, WHS Co-ordinator

Sarah Davies
Church Warden, volunteer Parish Secretary, Liturgical Assistant, Social Committee Member

Parish Councillors

Howard Greaver
Synod Representative, Music Ministry, Regis Care Outreach and Liturgical Assistant

Lisa Hooper
Parish Councillor, Peace, Justice, Reconciliation and Creation Care Contact Person

Sue Garrett
Parish Councillor, Cleaning Volunteers Contact Person