This material is developed from the input of parishioners following the 2013 AGM


WELCOMING ALL – our own, the seeker, the marginalised, the stranger:

  • The Church to be opened each day for those wishing to enter: Action: Whoever available
  • A Welcomer’s Program that trains volunteers for shifts each day: Action: AW
  • Parishioners be encouraged to welcome strangers: Action: Father John, All
  • Contact Tourist Organisations: Action: JAH
  • Provide information for those visiting eg Brochures on history of Church, Service times etc : Action: JAH
  • Provide information for those seeking personal assistance: Action: AW, SR


PROMOTING CHRIST in our community, our families and our lives through worship, love, fellowship, community service

  • Website to promote our Vision, Services, Activities, Initiatives, Facilities: Action: Brady Downes, Father John, JAH
  • Brochures for circulation to visitors outlining the history of St John’s: Action: JAH
  • Street Notice Board to be used to promote services and other activities: Action: Office
  • Sunday Services at 7:30am and 9:00am providing a choice in worship: Action: Father John
  • Children’s Ministry: Action: Andrea Finlay
  • After Hours Answering Machine with message re services and contact numbers for those seeking assistance: Action: Father John, SR
  • Free functions /services for elderly: Action: The Guild, Father John
  • 9:00am Service – Family Banner to be displayed: {FAMILY SERVICE NEXT SUNDAY: 9am-ALL WELCOME}; Action: SR/Office
  • Focus: What it means to be a Christian!: Action: Father John, SR
  • Initiate two new Annual Services: September:HARVEST; June:THANKSGIVING Develop Banners to advertise: Action: Father John, SR
  • Stations of the Cross to be installed permanently; information to be available: Action: Father John
  • Baptism – a way of welcoming families into worship: Action: Father John, EO’F
  • Baptismal Card for those baptised sent on the date that celebrates their baptism – invitation to attend 9am Service: Action: EO’F
  • Importance of music in worship – St John’s Singers at 9am, Restoration of the organ, church organist, Seasonal Concerts – Christmas, Easter etc Action: JAH, Don Hann & others
  • Activities such as Mah-jong and Hoy for all comers. Knitting Circle: Action: Dorothy Cameron, Cynthia Bellamy, Nita Cochrane, Guild
  • Promotion of Community Centre availability for hiring for community activities and family functions eg Fundraiser Cancer Morning Tea : Action: Advertisements in local paper. Website; Contact: SR
  • Flowers & Brass Cleaners: Carolyn Daunton, Dianne Coffey, Elaine Holland, Barbara Johnson

CARING FOR EACH OTHER with compassion, tolerance and understanding of difference

  • Developing a welcoming culture: Action: All
  • Listening, to hear, non-judgemental Action: All
  • Being tolerant and understanding of difference: Action: All
  • Pastoral Care for parishioners unable to attend regular services: Father John, Rev Dianne
  • Home & Hospital Visits: Father John, Rev Dianne
  • HIV Outreach: Father John
  • Birthday, Sympathy Cards etc: Peg Gladstone
  • Operation Christmas Child ; Cynthia, Nita, Marg Salter, Guild
  • Mission to Seafarers; Colin Gladstone & Peg Gladstone
  • Men’s Group: Daniel Hobbs


VALUING the GOD GIVEN GIFTS of members with joy and encouragement.

  • Showing appreciation for the service that individuals give voluntarily: All
  • Ongoing commitment to the welcoming program: All
  • Valuing our Centre of Worship by commitment to repairs and maintenance of facilities through annual budget: Action: Parish Council
  • Promoting initiatives to help people think about faith – For example, promotion of celebration of Christian Festivals, Music, Stained Glass Windows, Street Art: Action: All


As approved at July 2014 Parish Council Meeting.

Outcomes to be presented at 2014 AGM