The whole armor of God is a great defense mechanism, to face the threats of evil in the world, described by Saint Paul in his letter to the Ephesians.

Each part of the armor is named by Paul in a spiritual sense as being a valuable tool for resisting the work of the devil. He does not suggest that Christians ready themselves to fight evil – but rather to stand strong in their faith when an offense is carried out against them, so that they are protected and do not fall out of faith.

The armor includes the Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Shield of Faith, the Belt of Truth, the Sword of the Spirit which embodies the Word of God and the Shoes of the Gospel.

The method of putting on the armor of God is prayer – which Paul encourages the Ephesians, and now us, to practice at all times so that we grow stronger in faith and are open to the Holy Spirits protection.

What part of the armor of God do you feel the most need of in your life at this time?
How can you grow in your prayerful practice to ‘put on’ the armor of God?