Song of Solomon 2:8-13 Pent 15
How does poetry speak to you? Rational world is linear, expecting matters of faith in a cognitive understandable way. Passages like this remind us of the power the Spirit weaving and moving through poetry to inspire and get to our core. This is a dialogue between two lovers, seeking to woo, and be in relationship with each other. It reminds us of the sacredness of human love. Yet this is also the parallel between God and humanity. What a marvelous image of God to capture the mystery of our redemption. All of our senses engaged in this advance from God. Look at the wonderful creation we live in and its bursting forth with new life on the second day of spring. The same voice speaking another poem.

Mark 7:1-8, 14-15,21-23
There was a craze a while back whereby kids would get up and throw on a cape like superman. One dad said his child was ready for anything dressed like that.
But there are two dangers here. 1) that the greatest threat is external 2) that the threat is not a result of our own choices. Jesus appears to believe the greatest comes from the both of these. , The Pharisees see the danger from number one. Jesus disagrees. To make an authentic difference we must first face the inward journey. The first may ‘undo’ us the second will defile us. The choices and responses we make must be made with great care. We need the grace of God to make the right ones or the biggest obstacle to us will be ourselves.

James 1 17-27
1. A giving God – God does not tempt us we do. All good things come from him says James and we are called to give. We never forget when we give. We often forget when we have received.
2. Learn to discern – Listen, absorb, take note, reflect, stay calm, pause before answering
3. Cry for social action – in two verses James sums up the words of the prophets. Love God and care for the widow and the orphan in their distress.

Questions for reflection.

How can we hear God’s poetry in creation without drowning it out with our own noise and self-centeredness?

And if we do hear it, are we bold enough to hear the cries of those around us?