2nd September 2018 Pentecost 15

Song of Solomon 2:8-13 Pent 15 How does poetry speak to you? Rational world is linear, expecting matters of faith in a cognitive understandable way. Passages like this remind us of the power the Spirit weaving and moving through poetry to inspire and get to our core. This is a dialogue between two lovers, seeking […]

26th August 2018 – Pentecost 14

The whole armor of God is a great defense mechanism, to face the threats of evil in the world, described by Saint Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. Each part of the armor is named by Paul in a spiritual sense as being a valuable tool for resisting the work of the devil. He […]

Examen resource from 7th Sunday of Pentecost 2017

The Examen Try a practice of this prayerful review of your day before going to bed each night by following the five steps below: 1 Stillness: Bring yourself to God’s Presence Relax in God’s presence in your favourite prayer place and posture. Remember God’s promises to be with us always and in all places. 2 […]