St John Anglican Church Bulimba ~ TOC H ~ Chain of Light Service
The World Chain of Light is conducted annually, this years service is lead by Father Lindsay Howie and Tony Rigby.

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The World Chain of Light is conducted annually by Toc H members worldwide. It takes place on the 11th – 12th December, those dates being chosen to commemorate the first opening of Talbot House in Poperinge, Belgium, and the birthday of the Founder Padre of Toc H, Tubby Clayton. It was first undertaken in 1929 at the initiative of Toc H in Western Australia and started in Perth. The host Lamp is lit at 9.00pm local time on the 11th December and a vigil is maintained for 24 hours. The chain moves westwards around the world with Branches all lighting their Lamps until the chain of light is completed at 9.00pm on the 12th December. A short Service is prepared by the members of the host Branch or Group which includes a Message. This is circulated worldwide for use during the observance. This year the host branch is India.