Welcomers and Sidespersons Roster

Sundays 7.30 am 9.00 am
1st Sunday

Dorothy Cameron
Lionel Rowe

Roy Family
Jenny Franklin
2nd Sunday Marg Salter
Lionel Rowe
Bob and Glenda Lee
Lisa Hooper
3rd Sunday Lionel Rowe
Stuart Winfield
Stephen and Diane Jones
4th Sunday Sue Rowe
Lionel Rowe
Laurie Thomson
Michael Smit
5th Sunday Lionel Rowe
Stuart Winfield
Laurie Thomson
Jenny Franklin

Duties include:

  • Welcoming people at the door and handing out service books.
  • Greeting newcomers and helping them to find a seat.
  • Head count of adults and children put on blackboard.
  • Presentation of the bread and wine during the service.
  • Taking the collection or arranging other collectors.
  • Collecting books at the end of the service.


Liturgical Assistants Roster

 Sunday 7.30 am 9.00 am
1st Sunday Mike O’Kearney
Margaret Salter
Howard Greaver
Roland Sowerby
2nd Sunday Peter Johnston
Susan Rowe
Roland Sowerby
Sarah Davies
3rd Sunday Vanessa Hanlon
Robert Bland
Sarah Davies
Roland Sowerby
4th Sunday Allan Thomson
Ros Thomson
Sarah Davies
Joanne Wood
5th Sunday Allan Thomson
Ros Thomson
Rowland Sowerby
Sarah Davies


  1. Number 1 LA leads the first part of the service and prepares the communion for the Priest.
  2. Number 2 LA leads the second part of the service after the sermon
  3. Please be at church at least 15 to 20 minutes before the service commences. If you are not rostered on but notice that one LA is absent please discreetly robe and join the other LA as soon as possible taking the number 2 role.
  4. Check hymn board, microphones set up, wine/bread to back of church.
    Check readers and intercessor have arrived/arrange for replacement.
  5. After 9.00am service put all brassware including processional cross in safe, replace with wooden candlesticks and cross. Microphones away.
    Wash all chalices, patens etc in hot water and place in safe.


Readers Roster

Please click here to view the readers roster.