John the BaptistThe Church of St John the Baptist is named after John, a preacher, who was the cousin of Jesus. John recognised Jesus as the Messiah and baptised him in the River Jordan. This baptism marks the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. The painting to right, by eminent Australian Artist, Margaret Cilento depicts Jesus’ Baptism and was gifted to St John’s.

St John the Baptist Church is one of thirty designed by the Diocesan Architect, John Hingeston Buckeridge. The ground plan is rectangular and faces East – the direction of Jerusalem and the place of the resurrection.  The main entrance to the Church is through the West Door. The building is an example of a timber Victorian Carpenter Gothic Church.  The internal frame was originally exposed and in 1936 was covered in wood panelling, some of which is believed to have come from the wreck of SS Maheno. The panelling was consecrated in October 1937 in memory of 25 parishioners whose families donated to it.  Several years ago the building was placed on the Heritage Register of The Brisbane City Council.