Worship at St John’s

We are proud members of the world wide Anglican community and value our heritage while actively seeking fresh ways to share the love of God. Our worship draws on the treasures of the past and also hopes to respond to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit in our times and place.

We value the beauty of traditional hymns and poetic language and draw on the creativity of our contemporary poets, musicians and artists as well. Our services are marked by warmth and humour with a healthy mix of active and reflective moments.

We value our young people and hope to include and involve everyone as much as possible. We love to hear babies and little ones, we love sharing stories with our older folk and we love engaging with the stuff of daily life.

Holy Week

Standard Service Times

Each week there will be a Friday Eucharist (10.00am) and two Sunday Eucharists (7.30am and 9:00am).

  • 7:30am Sunday is a gentle more reflective service.
  • 9:00am Sunday is a family friendly and includes our family ministry during term time.
  • 10:00am Friday is a lovely community gathering that often ends up with a trip to a local coffee shop.

Other special services and resources are available on the Parish Bulletin.

Food for the Soul

At the heart of our worship each week is God’s desire to feed us for service in the world.

We seek to be nourished by:

  • The Word: In the person of Jesus and the experience of his people as shared in scripture.
  • The Sacraments: Particularly in the sharing of bread and wine – blessed, broken, poured out for us in the Eucharistic meal.
  • The Gathering of the People of God: The folk who God has called to share this often rocky road with us as community in this specific place.

Recorded Services

Unfortunately we are not recording services at present but hope to return to making these available online.


You do not have to be vaccinated to attend a service at our church.

All of our staff and volunteers are fully vaccinated and we are cleaning in accordance with Diocesan requirements (see below). You do not need to check in or wear a mask (unless it is currently mandated in Queensland).